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"The singers in Sacra/Profana are experts in shaping all aspects of their sound."

 Luke Schulze, San Diego Union Tribune

“American choral works about love and death wonderfully sung by SACRA/PROFANA a riveting performance from all.”

– Christian Hertzog, San Diego Union-Tribune


“Amrein’s direct and understated approach to directing appeared calmly centered, even in the most ebullient musical effusions. Yet she elicited from SACRA/PROFANA some of the most persuasive and deeply committed communication–without compromising any of its ensemble elegance– I have heard from this choir. And in this concert, the women sang with astonishing splendor.” 

– Ken Herman, San Diego Story


“SACRA/PROFANA is to be lauded for courageously tackling unfamiliar music.”

– Marcus Overton, San Diego Union-Tribune 


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