SACRA/PROFANA contracts 20 professional singers nearly year-round, 5 voice parts per section, and will consider singers for every voice part for our 11th season, Fall 2019 – Spring 2020.

We are grateful for all who have supported and performed with the organization over the years. Last season we embarked on an annual process of open and invited auditions for SACRA/PROFANA. The entire group will continue to be re-auditioned and all voice parts considered. SACRA/PROFANA is more than a choir, it is a family, and we value history and dedication to the organization. Auditions are always an opportunity to assess our strengths, shape our sound, and build toward the future.

The 2019-2020 program season will be SACRA/PROFANA’s 11th year and is titled “Moving Forward.” We will continue our legacy of highlighting the music of contemporary composers with more than a few world premieres, as well as re-establishing our connection to some of the bigger names in choral music. Planned concerts include:

  • Looking Back: An exploration of mid-century modernists
  • Holiday Program: Establishing our new tradition of performing new or unusual seasonal pieces.
  • Looking Up: Music of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies
  • How to Go On: featuring Dale Trumbore’s secular requiem “How to Go On” (tentative)
  • Music as Social Change: featuring socially aware choral music and arrangements of protests songs from the civil rights movement up to current times.

For questions that aren’t addressed by the information below, please send an email to:

First Round: open to the public (current Core Chorus exempt)

Location: Water’s Edge Faith Community (1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, 92107)
Tuesday, May 28, 6-9 pm OR
Wednesday, May 29, 6-9 pm

To sign up for an audition spot, click HERE.

(Please read Audition Requirements below before signing up for an audition spot.)

Second Round: callbacks for select applicants (invitation only) & Core Chorus

Location: Water’s Edge Faith Community (1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, 92107)
Sunday, June 9, 7-9 pm AND
Monday, June 10, 7-9 pm

Audition Requirements

1st Round Audition: open to the public, including Core Subs (current & past contracted members of Core Chorus are exempt)
  1. One (1) prepared, accompanied solo demonstrating interpretation, tone, and vocal ability. Art song in English is preferred (art song, aria, or oratorio in a foreign language, or musical theatre pre-1960, is acceptable just not preferred).  Memorization is not necessary but encouraged. Two minutes or less, you may be stopped as needed.
  2. One (1) prepared choral excerpt to be sung a cappella in a quartet (one on a part). Music will be provided one week (7 days) in advance of audition date.
  3. One (1) short sight-reading excerpt to be sung a cappella in a quartet (one on a part).
  4. Brief vocalization, if necessary, to clarify range and preferred voice part.

Please bring your resume, or be prepared to list past experiences on an audition application form. Please arrive at least ten minutes in advance of your selected audition time. A pianist will be provided. Keep in mind the pianist will be sight-reading, you will not be able to provide music in advance. You must provide the pianist with double-sided copies of your music in a three-ring binder.

2nd Round Callback: (Invitation to Core Chorus & select 1st-round applicants only)
  1. One (1) prepared choral excerpt, to be sent five (5) days in advance of callback date. There will be no recording available to assist in preparation.
  2. One (1) sight-reading piece, to be sung once through as a group then heard in quartets, one per part.

Please be prepared to attend the entire length of callbacks and be available both nights of callback dates. If you are released early from a callback, it does not reflect a decision about offers.

Singers invited to callbacks will be asked to fill out and sign a list of expected availability for season dates, which will be considered for Core Contract offers.


Why Auditions?

SACRA/PROFANA has been, and continues to be, one of the most versatile and important choral organizations in town. Over the ten years of its existence the sound and nature of the group has continued to evolve, while always maintaining a high level of professional quality. This is an opportunity to shape the sound of SACRA/PROFANA going forward and to get a fresh start as we enter our 11th Season. We do this by ensuring the most consistent group of singers and sound throughout the season, employing at least 20 musicians year-round.

What is SACRA/PROFANA looking for?

We are looking for strong ensemble singers who are flexible and dedicated to bringing out the best in choral music. We would like to see a balance of strong music literacy and vocal ability in our singers. We seek individuals who possess the technical skills to balance and adapt to different styles and timbres without sacrificing quality or vocal health.

About Core Chorus spot availability.

Currently, Core Chorus is made up of 20 vocalists, 5 per voice part, and we are considering singers for every section in anticipation of Season 11.

About Core Chorus compensation & scheduling:

Members of Core Chorus receive a stipend at the end of each contracted month for completed projects, based on fulfilled attendance. SACRA/PROFANA typically produces a project per month from September-May, whether a self-produced concert, collaboration, or education program. There are usually 5 rehearsals per project from 7-9:30pm. Singers occasionally receive 1-2 “light” months, with only rehearsals and no projects scheduled. Total compensation per singer, per contracted calendar year, averages $2000-2400 with bonus income at times from extra gigs and extended rehearsal time.

What if I’m not available for the First Round audition dates?

If you are not available on May 28th or 29th but would still like to be considered, you can submit a resume and recording (that follows the audition guidelines stated above) to