Education/outreach through SACRA/PROFANA

SACRA/PROFANA currently offers:

– Residencies and workshops for all grade levels with an educational team of professional singers. Instruction in theory, vocal technique, choral singing, phrasing and musicianship.

– An integrative workshop for all grade levels with Knomadik Jazz Ensemble focusing on improvisation and ensemble technique. Instruction in instrument and vocal technique, ensemble work and musicianship.

– Seminars for the high school level coupled with concerts side-by-side with our core professional chamber choir.

– Elementary-level presentations on the voice, music and singing.

– Our Summer Choral Intensive, one of San Diego’s most sought after summer vocal programs for high school and middle school singers. A week of concentrated study available to exceptional high school and middle school musicians, focusing on themes of leadership, personal responsibility and musical intelligence. Participants are selected on recommendation by a music educator.

– The SACRA/PROFANA Education Outreach programs strive to aid teachers’ classrooms in the pursuit of knowledge in music, discipline, focus, language skills and community.