SACRA/PROFANA Executive Director – Part Time

I. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Executive Director (ED) of SACRA/PROFANA (S/P), as an Independent

contractor, functions with the Artistic Director and the Board of Directors in the execution of the

organization’s mission.

The ED is supervised by the President of the S/P Board of Directors, and functions to implement and

execute the Board’s strategic objectives and action plans as needed in the administration and

management of the S/P organization.

II. DUTIES The duties of the S/P ED include but are not limited to the following:

  •  FUND RAISING. Acts in the capacity of Development Director in the search for funding for S/P from corporate, governmental and private sources. Tracks donations and monitors donor benefits. In cooperation with the Board, assists in the design, planning, and execution of various fund-raising events.
  •  GRANT APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT. Responsible for the scheduled preparation of existing grant opportunities as well as their timely submission. Responsible for the development of new grant opportunities. Coordinates and works in collaboration with other non-profit organizations to coordinate volunteers who prepare and submit grant applications.
  •  ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES. Manages S/P business operations, including phone and written correspondence, management/maintenance of donor database, and input and monitoring of all financial records as prepared by the Board Treasurer. Coordinates administrative support for the Artistic Director and other Artistic Staff as necessary. Manages and coordinates supporting staff, including volunteers.
  •  S/P AWARENESS AND IMAGE. In concert with the Board, develops and coordinates the dissemination of public relations media campaigns to effectively position the organization within the local, regional, and national community. Manages the production of collateral materials for advertising, press releases, and other functions to increase the visibility of S/P inclusive of the promotion of each specific concert season.
  •  SCHEDULING. Implements the objectives of the Board as directed to secure, contract for and coordinate all necessary aspects of each S/P concert season including venues. Acts as liaison with venues concerning logistical details with the Chorus Manager. Coordinates with the Artistic Director and Marketing Manager in the preparation of advertising, public service announcements, brochures, concert programs and additional efforts as necessary. Develops additional S/P performance engagements in an entrepreneurial manner in coordination with the Board and Artistic Director.
  •  STAFFING. Identifies support staff needed/approved to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. Creates and maintains job descriptions for all approved positions. Contracts staff to fill position openings. Monitors performance against objectives, taking corrective action as needed. Creates all human resources policies, practices, and procedures and ensures they comply with state and federal employment laws and regulations.
  •  CONCERT PRODUCTION. In coordination with the Artistic Director, acts as the chorus’ booking agent in developing, scheduling and budgeting presenters for performances (to include logistics such as parking, venue arrangements, ad and program requirements and comp ticket assignments). Ensures contract documentation is completed including all key points of the transaction. Provides for day of event support at the venue including liaison with partnering organizations.
  •  S/P ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT. In collaboration with the Artistic Director and Board members, shares responsibility for the development of collaborative relationships with other arts and non-arts organizations to enable the realization of the S/P mission statement.
  •  EDUCATION OUTREACH. Work with the Education Programs Coordinator to increase S/P’s presence in middle and high schools with Teaching Artists. In collaboration with the Artistic Director, identify a Recruitment Coordinator and Program Manager for the annual Summer Choral Intensive.
  •  PERFORMING ARTS DEVELOPMENT. Supports the implementation of artistic expansion of S/P within the community, in concert with the Board and Artistic Director. Develops, schedules, coordinates and supports the Chorus Manager in the maintenance of records for all auditions in coordination with the Artistic Director.
  •  VOLUNTEER COORDINATION. Appoints volunteers to manage the library, organize meetings and concert-day events, etc.
  •  BOARD COMMITTEE COORDINATION. Monitors the scheduling and administration of appropriate Standing and Ad Hoc meetings of the S/P Board of Directors. Coordinates with committee chairpersons to ensure timely submission of committee reports to the Board. Assists the president in developing and processing of agendas for various committees and board meetings. Assists in identifying and attracting potential new board members.
  •  REPORTING. Provides monthly reports to and attends all Board meetings. Offers prompt and thoughtful responses to requests for information.

III. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS. The minimum qualifications are as follows:

  •  Demonstrated ability and experience in successful non-profit fundraising, including both direct solicitation of individuals and corporations, and proven success in grant writing. Grant-writing certification is preferred.
  •  Experience in the successful management of a music organization and in the development and implementation of large musical performances (preferred)
  •  Experience in contract negotiations. Demonstrated inter-disciplinary coordination and negotiation skills both with business and artistic organizations
  •  Experience in the successful deployment of marketing awareness, image and positioning efforts
  •  Skilled in MS PowerPoint, QuickBooks, Excel, Adobe Suite and MS Word computer programs, database management and e-marketing including social networking
  •  A degree from an accredited college or university (Bachelor degree in Music Industry/Non-Profit Management or commensurate experience is preferred)


Compensation is commensurate with experience. Benefits are not provided.

Position has flexible hours including evenings and weekends. A large part of the job can be done by working at home or remotely.

Education Programs Manager

Our mission is to enhance the cultural life of Southern California by cultivating and promoting the art of choral singing throughout our communities.

SACRA/PROFANA is committed to awakening and nurturing enthusiasm for the choral art, through vibrant performances and focused outreach.

While adhering to the highest artistic standards, we recognize the need for programming that is both accessible and compelling, and offers a rewarding, entertaining experience for concertgoers of all backgrounds.

General purpose

  • To design and administer all education outreach and inreach programs in support of SACRA/PROFANA’s mission.  This includes both SACRA/PROFANA-produced programs and in-school residencies.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Design, staff, organize, and administer education programs and outreach
  • Communicate and collaborate with local music educators effectively
  • Work collaboratively with SACRA/PROFANA Marketing Coordinator on marketing/publicity for education outreach
  • Train SACRA/PROFANA core singers in education, providing tools to help them become better educators
  • Teach/direct high school students in sectionals or as a group
  • Administer, manage, plan, and organize the SACRA/PROFANA Summer Choral Intensive week
  • Attend local arts educators conferences representing SACRA/PROFANA
  • Estimated hours/week: 3-4 daytime hours (in-school residencies), 3-4 evening hours (e-mails/communication).
  • Hours increase during summer program registration to 10-15 hours/week (school visits, e-mail communications, administration). Hours are full time during the one-week Summer Choral Intensive program.

Education and Experience

  • Must have a strong background in Music Education
  • Unique and creative visions for new programs
  • Strong rapport with high school students and educators

Key Competencies

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Leadership skills necessary, strong work ethic
  • Public speaking
  • Networking
  • The ability to work well on a team


  • Reports to the Associate Artistic Director


  • Compensation is negotiable depending on the programs developed. This position is an independent contractor and does not provide benefits.

Interested candidates should forward a resume and letter of interest to Carol Manifold (, SACRA/PROFANA Board President, by Monday, July 18, 2016.